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Unimax Seals Company Limited & Ningbo Unimax International Limited, as reputable manufacturers and exporters for various kinds of fluid sealing products and thermal insulating materials from China, are committed to supplying high quality products and providing excellent services to the customers around the world.

Over the years Unimax has developed into a major supplier of sealing products and thermal insulating materials from China. With the investments to 4 different plants and close relationships with many other factories in China, Unimax offers a wide range of products to meet various demands from different customers, for applications in many industries such as power stations, paper mills, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer plants, refinery & process, sugar & food, oil & gas factories, bus & car industries, construction areas, etc.

Operating a quality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, Unimax uses a range of procedures and equipments to maximize quality control and ensure continuous improvements.

Our company brands:

Our product family mainly includes the following categories:

Packing - braided packings for fluid sealing and thermal insulation;
Gasket - metallic, semi-metallic, and non-metallic sealing gaskets;
Sheet - various sheet materials for fabricating cut gaskets;
Rubber Sheet - rubber sheets made from different elastomers;
PTFE - PTFE sheets, films, tapes, rods, tubes, hoses, gaskets, etc.;
Thermal Insulation Material - thermal insulating products in materials of asbestos, fiberglass, ceramic fiber etc.;
Coated Fabric - fiberglass cloth coated with PTFE, silicone rubber, etc.;
Mechanical Seals - assembled mechanical seal sets and spare parts;
Hardware - fasteners, bonded seals, stamped and lathed parts, maintenance tools, etc.;
Rubber Coated Steel Sheet - NBR or FKM rubber coated steel sheets for making sealing gaskets and anti-squeal shims.

In addition to the finished products listed above, we also support customers in supplying raw materials for making these products, such as yarns for braided packings, metallic & non-metallic tapes for spiral wound gaskets, etc.

With Unimax, the customers get the following advantages:
One-stop purchase solution for a variety of sealing products, with our extensive product line;
Best cost performance, based on our strict quality controlling system, and years of experience;
Excellent pre-sale and after-sale service, thanks to our professional and efficient working team.

Unimax offers The Sealing SolutionTM to the world.

Welcome to contact us at:

Unimax Seals Company Limited
Ningbo Unimax International Limited

P. O. Box 810, Cixi, Ningbo,
315300 P. R. China
Tel: +86-574-63800840, 63802630
Fax: +86-574-63801160, 63808226

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